Venue Information


The workshop venue is in the Pharo Park (58, Boulevard Charles Livon, see picture below) in the main building of Aix-Marseille Université (the last one on your left when walking towards the back of the Park).

Talks will be given in the Amphitheatre Gastaud (straight ahead when entering the building), breaks and poster sessions in the Salle des Voutes (one floor below, follow the signs).


Transportation (from the Airport/Railway station)

To reach the city center from the Marseille Provence airport you can take a bus shuttle (8.30€ one way), which will bring you to the Saint Charles railway station. From there the vieux port is a 20 min walk (going down the St Charles stairs, following the Boulevard d'Athènes then the Canebière), or you can take the line 1 of the subway (exit Vieux-Port).

There is also a direct bus between the St Charles station to the Pharo, the 82s. It runs every half an hour (xx:12 and xx:42).

Transportation (between the old port and the Pharo)

There are several bus lines which connect the Pharo to the old port, namely the Bus 82/82s83 and 81 (one way from the Pharo to the old port). Route maps and timetables are available on the rtm website.

Also note that the ferry boat crosses the old port (in principle) every 10 min from 7:30 to 20:30 (for those of you who choose an Hotel on the side of city hall (e.g. the Hermes).

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